Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let it be with me just as you say...

So, I (Kelly) am trying hard not to miss this beautiful season of Christmas and gift of Jesus while we are having a "Jesus Adventure." I want to share a portion out of a book I picked up today. It so perfectly connected me and what we are experiencing right now to those precious months before Christ was born.
"What do Bible stories tell us about living this human life well, living it totally? Primarily and mostly they tell us that it means dealing with God. Always at the forefront and in the background of circumstances, events, and people, it's God. In the pages of scripture we see the acts of salvation, of providence, of blessing... We see God entering history in the form of a servant. Though there were auspicious signs that preceded and accompanied his birth, preparing the world for the majestic and kingly, the birth of Jesus itself was of the humblest peasant parentage, in an unimportant town, and in the roughest of buildings. He made a career of rejecting marks of status or privilege. Everything about Jesus spoke of servitude. Good tidings. Good news. Gospel. This gospel is not just any good news- it is the unexpected, fresh, surprising news that God loves and has provided the means for our salvation. God's love and our salvation are completely expressed and fully accomplished in Jesus Christ. That is good news. God is generous and never runs out of blessings. God delights in giving- it's what he does best. But his love is passionate and seeks faithful, committed love in return. At the Christmas season and throughout the year, may we respond to God's love and God's word with a heart like Mary, who humbly and willingly said: "Let it be with me just as you say." (Luke 1:38)"
From God's Message of Christmas Love by Eugene H.Peterson