Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Almost to December...

Please keep praying for our fundraising. It is harder than I thought it would be and folks are so busy right now. I keep likening this to having a baby. I feel like we have been "pregnant" with missions for a while now, but the anxiety and labor of delivery is upon us. It at times feels overwhelming but just the same, we are sure and faithful that God's beautiful miracle is at the end. We are full of hope but feeling the pressure! Just in the last few days our scanner stopped working and we have been needing to scan a lot of documents/paperwork for our Extreme Nazarene personnel file (a wonderful time for it to break, right?). So we went to Cole's cousin's house and when we got there I had only 3 passports instead of 4. When we looked for it at home this morning it was like it has just disappeared. There were only so many places it would have been placed and it was in none of those places. I thought I lost it. We were going through trash, I was crying, the whole bit...until I looked in the scanner : ) Oh how our worry and stress will defeat us!! It was frustrating and discouraging, but also reminded us to rely on the Lord to do his will in his time. We must not wait lazily but work tirelessly to do good and trust that God will bless these efforts to please him.

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  1. Amen! :) We have a scanner, let me know if I can help you anytime!