Friday, February 17, 2012

We are here!!

Yahoooo! We made it through all the crazy airport madness and were NOT overweight with our bags! We have two very spacious rooms in ou host home and are fairly settled in. The very first thing Teddy wanted to do was to decorate his room! So thst is what we did. Very late last night we were placing robot and owl wall decals and getting out all the toys that have been packed for the last couple of weeks. We read "Big Bad Bruce" and called it a day!

Today we went shopping at the mall, which has a big super-wal-mart like store inside of it complete with groceries. We thought we would buy a cheap umbrella stroller to use for Reese but they are about $40-$80!!! I think because they are imported. The same stroller we could get at Target for $15 is totally $40. But the fruits and vegetables are super cheap. It is about $1.20 for 2.2lbs of papaya...and some of the papayas here are the size of watermelons. They do not have brown rice here and no oats : ( We haven't yet told Teddy about no oatmeal... I sure hope they have oats in Paraguay!! The showers are heated with an electric shower head about the size of a grapefuit and it works much like an electric tea kettle.

It looks like we will be able to finish up our schooling here in only 2 months which would be pretty awesome! We feel very eager for Paraguay! We are excited to be with the 40/40's and to invest ourselves in the culture and people there. We are also quite excited to be here in Peru as well and to get to know the folks on staff here, to start classes Monday, and to lean more and more on God to be our comfort. We are happy to be here knowing that this is where the Lord has put us.

Pray for the children to be comforted and adjusted. Pray for Cole and I to grow so close, to keep our family safe, and to learn spanish rapidly!!


  1. Hugs, friend. Thank you for the update. Rejoicing in His perfect provision for your family. Humbled by His love.

    1. His provision IS perfect! The very first day was definitely feeling like "are we really going this?"...but quickly I stopped myself from going there. There is no doubt that God has brought us here and it is a joy to be in his plan. Friday morning I woke up and read from one of my favorite books right now..."Jesus Calling" which is written as thoug Jesus were speaking to us, and this was the beautiful encouragement I received:

      Give yourself fully to the adventure of today. Walk boldlyalong the path of life, relying on your ever-present companion. You have every reason to be confident, because My Presence accompanies you all the days of your life - and onward into eternity. Do not give into fear or worry, those robbers of abundant living. Trust Me enough to face problems as they come, rather than trying to anticipate them. Fix your eyes on Me, the Author and Perfector of your faith, and manydifficulties on the road ahead will vanish before your reach them. Whenever you start to feel afraid, remember that I am holding youby your right hand. Nothing can separate you from my presence! Based on Heb 12:2, Is 41:13

      When I fix my eyes on the Lord, I do not feel afraid at all! We are here and it is everything we hoped it would be!!

  2. There are definitely oats! Try a different grocery store. I had it every day for breakfast. :) I think I normally found it in Franco's but things have changed so much since we moved...

    So glad you are there!!! And impressive that all bags were underweight. :)

  3. We DID find oats today! And it was at Franco's... that store is very much like American stores and so it was a very fun shopping trip! And we did buy a small stroller today too. We found one for about $29...still expensive but totally worth it. Reese is too heavy to carry around and we are walking the soles off our shoes!!! : ) Today was a great day and the other American families here are such wonderful, open people. I can't wait to hear more about their "Jesus Adventures"...