Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 2

We are having a great time here in Arequipa! Today we went for a tour of Arequipa to see a little more of the area. We saw some very beautiful and rustic countryside and enjoyed the company of other Extremies! We have finished two weeks already and I actually feel like it has gone by quite fast. This last week both Reese and I got pretty sick and tonight we finally have water on our house again after 2 1/2 days without it. I am not sure what caused the water problem... we have been told that it is common to be without water for a short period of time, but even our host family thought it would have been resolved sooner. It might have been a broken pipe, or something altogether different.

I am totally amazed at how well our kids are adjusting to our new life here. Teddy is hailing taxis and combis and Reese, just today said "Hola" to a little Peruvian girl without being promted to do so! They are precious little people. I think in some ways being here as a family is so much easier than trying to do this alone. There is so much comfort in being a family no matter where we are.

Spanish classes are also going very well! Cole is doing a great job! We worked on some homework together this week and I am totally amazed at how much he is learning for only two weeks in classes. The language learning process will be continuing the entire time we are down here in South America, but for now I am super proud of how well we are doing!

Keep in prayer for the efforts to show Christ to the people here in Arequipa. Very soon the Director of Extreme Nazarene will be pastoring a church here and they will be working on adjusting their ministry plans to be even more effective as the next group of 40/40's are preparing to begin their ministry here. It is so neat for us to see how God works through each team and through all the different personalities.

Thanks for all your love, care and prayers! WE LOVE YOU!

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