Sunday, September 9, 2012

I am a disciple.

Oh dear friends...

We are super excited to share some of the neat changes in Extreme Nazarene Ministries! The new project name is Extreme South America and includes our current project (Extreme Paraguay) but also includes several new cities, new teams, new ways of preparing, sending and multiplying God's kingdom. It is pretty neat that in the midst of the world's financial crisis, God's work is not slowing down one bit : ) But HE is like that... defying our logic all the time and teaching us to think His thoughts after him.

You can check out some of the new opportunities to GO, GIVE and PRAY.

Some of the hilights include:

~ A new 40-day program in Quito, Ecuador (the soon to be the new Extreme Nazarene headquarters) which includes an intense time of fasting, prayer, service and theology for anyone interested in joining XSA or interested in Spiritual Enrichment...

~ Expanded opportunities for joining the XSA project in a huge variety of roles for every type of talent, passion, calling, age...and location! There is a lot you can do right from your home in the US if you have a call to missions but not necessarily the international mission field...

~ With the new 40/40 structure, one may earn a BA in Intercultural Studies and complete all the requirements for ordination within the Church of the Nazarene WHILE serving as a missionary...

~ A new recruitment program specifically to mobilize South Americans that are called to missions that includes an interview/application process, work with the local pastors and leaders to facilitate financial support and encouragement from the sending church on behalf of the missionary, and training in missions.

~ Extreme Nazarene Ministries will eventually be expanding ministry "to the ends of the earth" in the years to come!

Extreme Nazarene is doing such an awesome job at getting people out into the field that would ordinarily have no idea where to begin, helping people that are called to give get connected with the variety of projects and people that are available to support, and opening the door for people all around the world to engage in missions not only within their country but to shift from a missions recieving church to a missions sending church! It is actually quite amazing to see the local leaders being raised up to carry on the ministry of the church in their area but also that there are people being called to missions out of these very same churches! Right now, our team in Paraguay consists of 3 Brazilians, 3 North Americans, 1 Venezualan and 1 Paraguayan. It is pretty neat to see the way that the body of believers exists unified in Christ!

SO...We are so excited to be working with XSA! We will for sure keep you all updated as God leads our family in this amazing journey!

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