Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Visas Granted!

Praises! Yesterday in San Francisco we were granted our Visas to Ecuador for 2 years!  Thank You so much for your faithful prayers!  We are getting so close to the send off! Only 23 more days...  Oh my goodness we have so much still to do!  We are visiting family a bit this weekend then finish up packing both our bags and the home we have been living in.  W still are in need of a few items to take with us if you feel led and able to help in any way... they would be incredible blessings to the ministry but we will be pleased with however God provides or does not provide.

Still need:
1.  Projector (mid-size, light weight enough to travel and portable but equipped for medium size group display)

2.  Digital Camera with Zoom

We could also use your support through regular prayer.  Our team is still being formed so keep each person that will comprise the Ibarra team in your prayers throughout this 27 month term.  When we have our full and complete team all together for the first time in Quito we will of course post pictures and link you to their blogs so you can read about the ministry from their perspectives as well.  We will also be putting together an Ibarra Team page that I hope you will follow as well.  We want to connect you as much as possible to what God is doing so that you may join us as you are able and be blessed as the body of Christ. 

Stay tuned because over the next 3 months things will be getting REALLY exciting!  For Thanksgiving this year we will share with you the inspiration of the Church in Cali, Colombia and finish up the year with our first greetings from Ibarra!  There are exciting times filled with lots of transition for us and the kids.  Please consider joining the Kids Prayer Team and commit to prayer for one month.  You can sign up by sending me an email and seeing more details at  I will update our mailing address each time it changes. 

We LOVE you all!  We are so blessed to be on this crazy journey with you!  Grace and Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ to you, and may you always be experiencing the joy that comes from His daily blessings in your lives!

With Great Love,
The Williams Family
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