Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hi friends!!!

We have been in Quito for almost a month!  We spent the first 2 weeks buying and setting up the 4040 house where all the missionary teams will be living during their training time in Quito... the next 2 weeks we spent helping with the current 40 days program for folks interested in missions and discipleship.  We have been tagging along on their "tour" days and helping teach and cook.  In addition we have side trips to Ambato for cluster planning for the Ibarra project and soon a trip to Ibarra to scout locations for team housing and the church plant.  

Things are going well! I think no small part is the joy of being where God has called us to be.  It is cool looking back on all the nervousness we felt before joining Extreme...the nervousness and really worry about the unknown.  In fact, we had been told by a non-Christian before leaving CA in 2012 that what we were doing made no sense, it was abnormal, extreme, and illogical behavior to be uprooting one's family in a struggling economy for something uncertain and as dangerous as South American living.  That man does not know our God.  Our God makes the very best, most perfect plans.  While they may not be considered "safe" the way the world thinks, there is no safer place than in the hands of our God.  

We are working through lots of details as we eagerly await the arrival of our team.  Please, please keep our team and pastors in prayer.  We are still in need of 1 or 2 North American young men to join our team.  For some reason there is a shortage of male applicants.  If you are feeling called or know someone that is called to missions... supply the need, answer the call!  This too is in God's hands.  We expect God's very best in our team.  

As I close this little update I have a request if you are able and willing to help...  I am in need of a smartphone, used or new, and it needs to be unblocked/unlocked so that we can use it internationally.  The one I was able to bring down has a broken screen and is worsening.  Right now I am able to use it but I do need to replace it.  If you have an upgrade coming on your phone plan or a smartphone in good condition that is not being used, I could definitely use it!   My mom may be shipping a small box in September and I could get you in touch with her.  In addition, we need a couple of other items that are very costly here even considering the expense of shipment from the states, or are simply unavailable here... If you are willing to help out with one or more of these my mom is able to ship them to us, or we can coordinate with you directly for shipment...  for the most part there is a lot more available here than we found in Paraguay but still are missing a few bits if you are interested in helping...

Costco Items: 
Kirkland Adult Multi-Vitamins
Kirkland Adult Vitamin C
2-4 Bottles Gummi Vitamins for Kids

1000mg chewable Vitamin C -large bottle(s)
Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacAurthur - English Book, Spanish copy, and study book used or new
Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacAurthur - English Book, Spanish copy, and study book used or new

As always, we appreciate your support, encouragement and prayers.  I hope you feel as privileged as we do in the service of our Lord!!!  Very seriously, consider and start praying about a visit to Ecuador while we are here...  Love Extreme Quito 2014 is on the calendar for July 17-29 next summer... In addition, you can find out more about coordinating a separate Short Term group on another date in 2014 or 2015 to Ibarra and help us minister!   At all costs, do what the Lord asks of you.  

Lots and Lots of Love to you all from The Williams Family in Quito for now!!!
www.extremenazarene.org/williams for online giving

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