Thursday, December 26, 2013

...HELLO 2014!

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We are thrilled to see what 2014 brings! 2013 was a year of transition after transition... we have finished up training and language school for the Ibarra team and housing for the team is on the horizon...promised land here we come!

2013 began on an international flight home to CA, celebrating the New Year three times in the air over 3 time zones... So many of you made our homecoming welcome, amazing and way more comfortable than we ever expected!  It was a true blessing to spend the first half of the year with you all..Cole returned to work with his family's business and the grape vineyards of the south valley, Teddy started school as a kindergartner at Summit Charter Academy where he continued learning Spanish, Reese spent two days a week as a big girl at PortNaz pre-school, and I got to be a professional stay-at-home mommy and wife with few distractions...  It was a real special treat to attend church in Porterville and sneak back into your lives for a little while.  We are truly grateful and blessed at your generosity, encouragement and support through our unexpected change of plans for this year.

Our coming to Quito has also been truly blessed and guided by Christ.  We have started on a brand new project and team headed into Ibarra, Ecuador to officially start ministry with the people this Jan.  Our team is particularly gifted, sincere, hard-working and focused... We have 28 year-old Prsicila Inca of Santo Domingo, Ecuador who was a leader in her local church and had a radio show on the regional Christian station.  She has been partnered with 24 year-old Rebecca Fahrni of Massillion, Ohio, a graduate of Mount Vernon Nazarene University and would-be teacher except that she is now an Extreme missionary.   We also have 23 year-old Abigail Crespin from Guayaquil, Ecuador who because of a medical issue was told she may never walk again.  She promised God that if he would help her walk she would go wherever he wanted her to go bringing the good news. She will be walking alongside her partner, 19 year-old Michaela Rimmer of Eugene, Oregon who has felt called to missions since the age of 10.  David Pilco of Riobamba, Ecuador, age 22, received his call to missions as a product of ministry work by Extreme in Ambato, Ecuador where David had been studying Industrial Design. His partner is 23 year-old Chase Howard an accounting graduate of SNU.  They are amazing.  They are inspiring.  They are going to be used by the great I AM to change lives and generations in the community of Ibarra, Ecuador!  We are so excited to be serving alongside them and to invite you to do the same!

It is mind-blowing, scary and exciting to be standing on the crest of the hill so to speak, looking out into the next 2 years.  We have laid out our 100 days plan to hit the ground running, are armed with the power of Christ, your prayers, our prayers, the gift of a lifetime to hand out freely... and of course an enemy that is prowling around us like a lion ready to consume.  It is going to be one crazy race but in the end I am confident that He who began this good work will be faithful to complete it!

Thanks be to God first of all for his faithfulness and provision during this year.  Thanks to you who give so we can give... we love and miss you terribly but are so blessed by your desire to bless us and take part in this call God has placed in your lives.  We truly Love you and look forward to the day we will be reunited with great stories of life change that are direct results of this partnership.

I promise to get better at sharing all the little stories along the way through this next year of ministry...we get busy and it gets hard to settle down and write sometimes but we are eager to share this journey with you as much as we can! Please feel encouraged to let us know how you are doing and how we can pray as well for you.  This distance does not diminish our great love and sense of responsibility to lift you up.  We pray that God's grace and peace will truly fill your lives and ministries as we begin another new year...

with Crazy Huge amounts of Love and Thankfulness, 
The Williams Family

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