Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blast from the Past

So, of course right now we are packing up the house and going through lots of things. Well tonight I picked up one of my old journals that I have in the past used specifically for thoughts about God. I opened it up and read a couple of lines from the first page I saw
..."I have decided to give my life to God's work. I'm going to be a
missionary." June 24, 1997

I am totally amazed and have to smile at how God does things. I don't really remember writing this. I do know that for a time in high school I was very interested in missions but I don't remember resolving in my heart to make it my occupation per se. I just don't think that things happen by chance anymore ever. It is all working together unfolding as it should. He is so faithful to complete what he begins...even when we forget at times where we are heading. I am definitely planning to add more to this journal I found. It is such a precious gift to one's self to see from where we have come...too often we forget just how much we have to be thankful for.

Financial update: We are at 73.96% and still need 23 more families to join us at an average of $40/mo for 27 months. I cannot express enough how grateful and humbled we are by your gifts. They are a crazy blessing not to mention an amazing testament of the body of Christ. All the glory goes to God.

PS Thanks to Pastor Frankie and the wonderful people at Porterville Iglesia del Nazareno. You have touched my heart and I will be in continued prayer for the Lord to bless your efforts to be true and pleasing say the Lord " Here I am!" each time He calls.

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