Monday, January 30, 2012

Keep Praying!

We had a most wonderful weekend visiting lots of friends, family and new friends in the Merced/Atwater area! Thanks to all of you for wonderful encouragement and support! It was such a blessing to see you all and make connection once again. You hold special places in my heart and are already a part of our God-story. Thank you so much to the pastors that opened the doors to us... I hope we can visit again to share how our story will continue to unfold!

We are inching closer to our goal... We are still in need of 19 more families or individuals to give an average of $40 per month for 27 months. Overall we are 78.5% funded. If you are still considering and praying about joining in this with might be just what we need to seal this deal! It would mean giving up one meal in a restauraunt per month or taking a lunch to work a few days out of the month.

I almost can't believe how far we have come in such a short amount of is crazy! I just know that the Lord wouldn't carry us this far and then let us fall short. Join with me in praying for his provision both for this journey with Extreme Nazarene as well as for those who have and will be joining us through financial support.

If you have already pledged an amount but still need to sign up, please get signed up as soon as possible by going to or by contacting Crowne One at 1.800.326.9235 or by mail at Crowne One P.O.Box 9285 Boise, Id 83707. Mark all donations for Cole and Kelly Williams. Your gifts are tax deductible and you will receive a giving summary at each year's end.

Lots of Love to you all!

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