Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Very Quick Update!

After some neat news last night we are at 83.06% and are in need of just 15 more families or individuals to give an average of $40/mo for 27 months!!! Praise the Lord!

NOTE: www.extremenazarene.org/williams I just learned recently that if you are signing up, the most effective way to pay is EFT through a checking account if possible. Any way is great, but EFT if fastest and bypasses the small Card processing fee to the card companies.

THIS IS AMAZING! You all are wonderful examples of faith and generosity... We are so thankful to all of you joining us through prayer, encouragement and financial support. Thank You! Thank You!

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  1. To add a note: We have booked our tickets!! Our FINAL travel date is Feb 16th! We got the best deal ever on our tickets and everything has worked out just wonderfully!

    We do still need to reach 100% before we head out, so please keep that in payer for us! We are so excited and are sure that each step of the way the Lord is in control!